AKM Farm is a small Jersey cow dairy located in Dutchess County, New York and is owned and operated by Diane and Michael Massarone. We have three daughters (Amanda, Katelyn, and Melissa; hense the farm name AKM Farm). Michael had dairy cows growing up and participated in the Dutchess County 4-H Program. Our daughters joined the 4-H program and enjoyed raising and showing pigs and goats for many years. Michael missed having dairy cows and Diane loves the Jersey cows and so the AKM Farm cow dairy was created. We are very passionate about our cows and about the many benefits of raw milk.

We received our license from New York State to sell raw milk in April of 2022. We carefully manage the cleanliness of our farm and cows with meticulous care ensuring that the cows are healthy, and the milk is clean and safe. The milking process and the milk are strictly monitored by New York State Department of Ag and Markets. Also, having a New York State raw milk license requires that we enroll in Quality Milk Production Services who do regular tests to ensure that the milk is free from all pathogens and is safe to consume.